Tumbling classes are offered for beginners to Elite level tumblers ages 5 – 18. These 50 minute classes offer athletes an opportunity to learn tumbling skills on the spring floor, using the rod floor, trampoline, and tumble trac as training aids. Tumbling classes place a strong emphasis on technique, while coaches use drills and stations to allow athletes to work on advancing their skills safely. Pride also offers a “Flat Mat” drop in style class for middle school and high school age athletes. For Preschool tumbling, check out our Little Lions program.



The Pride Power Tumbling Team provides endless fun and fitness benefits to children ages 3 – 18 in a friendly and positive environment. Athletes on power tumbling teams practice 2-3 times per week. Pride offers all levels of competitive tramp & tumble from Sub Novice to Elite. Power Tumbling team athletes can compete in rod floor, double mini, and/or trampoline.  For more information on our Power Tumbling Team programs, please click below to send us a message!

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