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We are looking forward to another ROARing year of Pride Competitions!

Interested in more information? Request one of our Team Packets containing season-specific details. Each packet contains a program overview, level and squad specifics, pricing, and more. Request a Pride Competitive Teams Packet today!  A copy will be emailed to you based on this season’s packet schedule.



All-Star Cheer — 3/15
Team Gymnastics — 4/15
Power Tumbling — 5/15

6th Annual Trampoline & Tumbling Clinic

Summer is almost here, and that mean’s it’s time for the annual Trampoline & Tumbling Clinic at Pride! Welcome back to Pride, our Special Guest Coach, Erika Edwards!! Coach Erika has been an instrumental part in developing lower level athletes who are now competing at the Sub Advanced and Advanced Levels. We are so excited to have her join us for the Clinic weekend!!

Registration is live in the customer portal and Pride app: you can select Friday, Saturday, and Sunday options for your Power Tumbler. You will need to add each day separately per child so level details are selected correctly. When you register, you will only be required to pay a 50% deposit. If your tumbler is eligible for the three-day discount, it will be applied before the balance auto-debits on July 1 (details in the camp registration).