Competitive cheer incorporates elements of dance, gymnastics, jumps, stunts, sideline cheer. It is an exciting team sport where athletes make lifelong friendships and develop positive self-esteem and confidence in addition to specific tumbling and cheer skills.

Cheer Classes

Cheer Prep classes are an introductory cheer & tumble combo class for those athletes who want to try cheerleading without the commitment of being on a cheer team.

Gym & Cheer classes combine gymnastics and cheerleading into one 50 min class! Class is structured for alternating each week of gymnastics skills or cheer skills with tumbling occurring each week.

HYPE Cheer Teams


HYPE Pre-Teams allow athletes to try out cheerleading without the commitment and travel expenses of full year teams. Our HYPE teams have introduced hundreds of athletes to cheer and helped them prepare for all star teams, school teams, and a successful cheerleading career! Teams practice once per week for an hour and 15 minutes, and perform routines for a crowd 2-4 times per semester.

Full Year Teams

The full year cheer teams at Pride are for our athletes who make cheerleading their number one extracurricular activity. 
Teams practice 2-3 times per week and compete locally, regionally and nationally. We are more than a gym that trains skills, we are a positive place for kids and a gym family that is committed to the success of each athlete.