NinjaZone is a thrilling new sport for kids. NinjaZone combines elements from gymnastics, martial arts, parkour, obstacle training, and freestyle movement with the freedom for kids to progress and learn at their own pace. NinjaZone leverages kids’ fire and excitement into an activity they truly love, building the strength, agility, stealth and mental prowess of a trained Ninja. The result is more confident, disciplined kids, who have a physical, mental and emotional foundation to take on any challenge. NinjaZone captures your child’s energy and ignites their confidence!


Lil’ Ninjas, ages 3-6, will learn progressions and terminology for skills used in Ninja training including rolling, vaulting, basic large gross motor skills, jumping, falling, swinging, climbing, etc. with a goal to develop body coordination, awareness, and listening skills required for Ninja White Level.


Ninja Zone is on a mission to turn energy into ambition, one awesome kid at a time!  Our weekly class training sessions are fast paced, high energy rotations thru circuits designed to cover all the things a Ninja needs to know!    Coaches lead Ninjas in progressive skills training stations and through obstacles courses that emphasize jumping, rolling, flipping, landing, stealth, strength, speed, coordination, and balance.  Classes also include a weekly character focus skill and mat chat designed to help our Ninjas live out the Ninja Zone mantras outside of the gym.  Ninjas work to gain skills and level up to the next class.  We are looking for awesome kids who are ready to take on the world!  Unmask your inner Ninja!



Ninja White – Ninjas train for fundamental body movement, basic skills including Ninja rolling for safety, rolls, carts, basic vaulting, wall & bar progressions, basic kicking & punching technique, development of core strength & speed.



Ninja Yellow – For Ninjas who pass the White level Ninja Mission, Yellow level includes total mastery of the White level skills, as well as progressions into some basic flips and more intermediate skills.



Ninja Green – For Ninjas who pass the Yellow level Ninja Mission, Green Ninjas demonstrate mastery of all safety techniques & the ability to follow Ninja standards in focus & taking direction. Green Ninjas also work skills such as solo flipping, basic jump + kick + flip combos, turning & flipping window escapes, etc.



Ninja Blue – For Ninjas who pass the Green level Ninja Mission, Blue Ninjas continue to work on skills of previous levels with advancement in the difficulty of progressions. Blue Ninjas start to work on more advanced skills and flips, with an emphasis on Jump + Kick + Flip Combos as well as more advanced strength & agility.

Ninja Open Workout is an open, supervised work out in the Ninja Room.  After a group warm-up, athletes may use gym equipment to practice and perfect their skills.  Coaches are available for supervision, and float throughout the gym.  It is encouraged that YOU PRE-REGISTER to attend any open gym due to attendance, spacing, and capacity regulations.

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