Covid Updates

COVID Procedures Updated and Effective as of 8/30/21


Effective today (8/30/21) masks are required of everyone over age 2 in the gym, in compliance with the state-wide mandate.  We have a very limited amount of masks at the gym for replacing masks that are broken or soiled, so please send your child with a mask.  If they forget, we will add $1 to your account and provide a mask.  We want to encourage the kids to remember their masks so our limited supply lasts.

In person viewing is open only for The Jungle parents, with masks, during Jungle classes.  In person viewing is closed for all other programs. 

Livestream was spotty last week, but I’ve spoken with the developers, and they are releasing an update today expected to fix the issue that occurred last week.  Please tune in to your athlete’s activities via the Livestream on the Pride of Illinois app.

For safety reasons, some of the skills in our disciplines may need to be performed without masks.   In skills involving inversion, flight elements, or releases from equipment, athletes will be allowed to remove mask when spaced 6′ out and performing these skills.  Masks will be replaced when athlete finishes that skill or turn.

Thank you for masking up!  We appreciate your trust in us, and want to keep our athletes safe!

Coach Tarra & the Pride Staff