Our Summer 2019 Class Registration will begin May 20th.  School Year classes will begin May 28th and run thru August 23rd, 2019.  

Progressive Tumbling Classes

Our world-class tumbling curriculum, knowledgeable professional coaches, and well equipped gym will help your athlete to gain skills and confidence!  Our tumbling curriculum is designed to be progressive and provide athletes with a well rounded repertoire of skills.  Coaches evaluate students on an on-going basis, and students may change class levels during the session with instructor recommendation. 

For new members, please call or email, or use the New to Pride? page to set up an individual evaluation so that we can recommend the appropriate class for your athlete.  For current members, log in to Parent Portal and your athlete's mastered skill level will be displayed.  You may enroll them in the next class up from the level marked "mastered" on their student profile.


Cheer Prep classes are introductory cheer classes designed to teach all the basics of cheerleading-- motions, jumps, stunt positions, dance, and basic tumbling skills.  Cheer Prep is a great class for students wishing to participate in our 2018-2019 HYPE Cheerleading program, prepare for their school tryouts, or just enjoy learning more about cheer without the larger commitment of a team. 

Can’t decide between gymnastics and cheerleading?  Our Gym & Cheer class does it all!  We tumble every week, then split time between cheer and gymnastics skills.

GIRLS' Gymnastics Classes

School-age progressive girls’ gymnastics classes include all four women’s Olympic events: balance beam, uneven bars, vault, and floor exercise.  Gymnastics is a wonderful discipline for developing strength, poise, and balance, laying strong foundations for participation on any future athletic activities.  Rubies gymnasts are beginning gymnasts, and students new to gymnastics should begin here. If your child has had previously participated in gymnastics, please contact us or use the New to Pride? link at the top of our webpage to set up an individual skill evaluation. 

Trampoline & Tumbling classes

Trampoline & Tumbling classes focus on rod floor, single and double mini, and trampoline.  These classes follow the Power Tumbling & Trampoline discipline curriculum and teaching methods.  A significant portion of class time is spent on trampoline apparatus (including tumble tracks), so this class is best suited to those pursuing Power Tumbling or wanting additional trampoline instruciton.

Ninja Warrior

Courage, confidence, stealth, & speed!  Learn the ways of the Ninja Warrior with Pride!  These fitness based classes teach balance, strength, movement, and coordination thru tumbling, strength training, and obstacles inspired by the American Ninja Warrior competitions.    Ninja Warrior classes are for ages 7 & up, for ages 4-6, please see our Little Lions page for Little Ninjas.