Give your child an early start on the path to STRONG bodies, strong skills, and strong self confidence! 


Littlest lions

Littlest Lions classes feature gymnastics based motor and movement curriculum, specifically designed equipment, and fun themes to enhance learning and ensure coming to the gym is the BEST hour of your child’s week! In addition to balance, strength, coordination and flexibility, class activities also develop social skills, confidence and early literacy skills such as laterality, patterning, rhythm, and rhyme. Weekly classes are available for ages 2-3, both with a caregiver and independently.

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Little lions cheer

Little Lions Cheer Prep classes for ages 3-5 teach beginning motions, jumps, body positions, and tumbling skills, as well as rhythm, choreography, and teamwork!  Offered once a week for 45 minutes, these classes let your Little Lion's spirit take center stage.  Little Lion Cheerleaders have an optional performance in the Spring for friends and family.  We also offer Tiny HYPE teams for those who love to cheer and are ready for more!


Little lions gymnastics

Little Lions Gymnastics classes for ages 3-5 are progressive gymnastics classes designed with the fast pace and inquisitive nature of preschoolers in mind.  Gymnastics is a great base for all young athletes since it focuses on body awareness, strength, flexibility, and coordination.  Classes work on fundamental gymnastics body shapes and skills on floor exercise, balance beam, bars, and vault.

For those Little Lions who are ready for more, we offer an invitation only Pre-Team class designed for those with aptitude and interest in pursuing team gymnastics in the future.


Little lions tumbling & trampoline

Pride's world-class tumbling curriculum, broken down into smaller bites for our Little Lions!  We offer specialized sections covering our beginner tumbling classes, Fundamentals and Advanced Beginner, just for the Little Lions, allowing them to be in classes with smaller coach to athlete ratios, other athletes of similar ages, and an extra dose of fun!


Little lions ninja warriors

Little Warriors need an outlet for all that energy, and a safe place to jump, climb, flip, and roll!  Combining popular ninja warrior obstacles, trampoline, and tumbling, our Ninja Warrior classes let girls and boys ages 4-6 challenge their bodies and their minds as they take on new obstacles and learn speed, balance, agility, and best of all... confidence!  


Little Lions Open Gym 

Little Lions rule the gym at an open gym just for ages 6 & under!  This semi-structured open gym allows our Little Lions to explore the equipment and practice their skills without all those big Lions in the way.  Ages 4 & under need to be accompanied by an adult caregiver.  Little Lions Open Gym runs during the school year session, September to May.

  Have a Great Summer Little Lions!

See you in September!